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Burst is not your average investing app. Earn up to 5% annually with expert-curated baskets.
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Investing in today’s world is like playing with fire

Existing investing tools promote risky behaviors. These apps are designed to be addicting, encouraging users to gamble with their hard earned cash.

And today’s shattered markets make coming out ahead even harder.

Web3 is an untapped opportunity to safely grow your money

Web3 is more than just volatile cryptocurrencies. It’s more efficient money movement - which means you can make money even when markets are down.

However, there hasn’t been an easy way to access the benefits of Web3, until now.
Web 3.

Burst makes Web3 simple, so you can earn stable returns with low risk

Burst makes it easy to know where to put your money, and makes you a smarter investor along the way. Get safe exposure to the upside of web3 through Burst’s curated baskets.

Meet Burst Baskets

Deposit into one or more baskets to instantly start earning. Your investments are automatically diversified and put to work.

Burst Secure

Escape market volatility and earn up to 5% yearly returns. Burst Secure uses digital dollars, also known as stablecoins, to lend out to prime lenders. No lockups, limits or fees!
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Burst Select

Safe exposure to the entire crypto currency market.
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Diversification by design

Every basket is diversified across multiple partners and blockchains. Our transparent approach shows you exactly where your money is being deployed.

Expert-curated baskets

We bring in the experts, so you can sit back and watch your money go up. We use strategies that have been thoroughly battle-tested throughout any market conditions.
Maximize your returns with Web3

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Join the waitlist to secure zero fees for life


How do we generate high yields?

Burst lends stablecoins (aka digital dollars) to diversified borrowers who pay us back with interest.

First, you deposit your regular dollars into our app.

We then convert those dollars into digital dollars (stablecoins) like $USDC. It is backed by the U.S. Dollar - so 1 $USDC = 1 $USD.

We lend those digital dollars to borrowers (like hedge funds) through a global decentralized pool of borrowers. Every loan we give out is overcollateralized (collateral > loan) and facilitated by our regularly audited partners like Compound.

Those borrowers pay an interest which goes back to your pocket. And, because of DeFi’s design, you earn higher interest and can take your money out anytime.

Why isn't everyone doing this?

To be clear, anyone can do this using DeFi. However, existing tools are clunky, complex, or require a wealth of technical knowledge to use properly. Burst makes earning returns in Web3 simple, the way it should be.

What are the risks?

All investments assume the risk of losses, market failures and defaults. Burst minimizes these risks in several ways (learn more here).

  1. We only work with secure, audited, open-source decentralized protocols. We partner with top financial firms to move your money safely and deliver best-in-class rates.
  2. We only work with USDC, a stablecoin that is regularly audited. USDC follows the price of a normal US Dollar, meaning it doesn’t have the volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
How often can I withdraw my funds?

You can deposit and withdraw funds at any point! No catch.

Is there a fee to deposit or withdraw?

There are no fees to deposit or withdraw from Burst. Transferring funds in and out is free, forever.

What other fees does Burst charge?

Burst is completely free to use for our beta users, sign up now to lock in zero fees for life!